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Western HVAC News Guest Column

Four ways to help your staff adopt new technology.
by The simPRO Group Pty Ltd
What do you do when something isn’t working properly or efficiently in your business? You make a change. Now for a harder question: what do you do when people don’t want to change?

Dead Inventory: Don't Liquidate it.
by Dick Friedman
In the face of new types of competitors (e.g., Amazon Business), distributors should stop the habitual practice of liquidating slow moving and "dead" inventory into cash, and instead try to develop a long term plan to cost-effectively market the potentially profitable products.

How to Sell an HVAC Business in Five Steps.
by John Davies
After years of toiling away, building your HVAC business to be the best it can be, you’re ready to capitalize on all your hard work.


7 Surefire Tips to Grow Your HVAC Business
by Dan McKee, Service Champions
Whether you are a small HVAC business or a well-established contractor, you are always looking for ways to grow your business. This is because of the stiff competition among HVAC businesses.

Marketing Tools for a Service Professional
by Danielle Massad Vice President of Marketing Graphic D-Signs
Just as a HVAC contractor has a fully stocked toolbox for repairing an A/C unit, so too do marketers rely on their own toolbox to successfully build brands. These go-to instruments allow them to develop a brand‘s story and image.

4 Effective Ways to Master Phone Confidence.
Ross Wingo Content Marketer for Service Hook
Your business’s professional image starts with the folks handling the phones. Customers demand representatives who know what they’re talking about - ones who understand the home services issue at hand, offer up sensible solutions and make things happen quickly.

Earn More Profit by Recovering Your Environmental Costs.
TRC Explains Ideas for Profit Using Recycling
By Ryan L Kiscaden, Senior Account Executive
As contractors you are responsible for charging a fair price for your services and in the United States, profitability is the number one concern for small business owners such as contractors. How will these businesses outlast the economy?
  Getting into a Gross Margin State of Mind
By Jason Bader - Principal  The Distribution Team
When I walk around conventions I generally hear conversations regarding how the business climate is going. I hear a lot of talk about how sales are up or sales are down. In good years, there is a bit of chest puffing and general peacock behavior.
How to Overcome Bad Air Delivery from PSC Motors with Programmable Fan Control.
By: ComforTune System

All forced air cooling and heating systems rely on a motor and fan to circulate air throughout the interior of your customers’ home.
Geothermal Heat Pumps – 2013’s Green Product of the Year.
By: Rabe Hardware
Today, there are many so called “Green” products on the market but I venture to say that no “Green” product can make as large of an environmental impact as a Geothermal Heat Pump. The United States
gets 84% of its total energy from oil, coal and natural gas - all of which are fossil fuels.
  7 Mistakes Of Bad Sales Managers.
By: Joe Crisara Contractor Selling
Being a sales manager or anyone who is accountable for the results of your sales team is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It requires a thorough knowledge of marketing, sales techniques, pricing and above all profit. In the end, the manager or owner is ALWAYS to blame when results are poor and never get credit for success.

A Recession is a Terrible Thing to Waste
By: Bob Janet
There are two good times to take advantage of your competition.
1. When business is good. It is easier to make a good time better than a bad time good.
2. During a recession is a great time to increase sales because your competition is cutting back their marketing.

  How to be a Profitable Contractor
By Dave Gleason Systematic Selling Inc.
Every contractor wants to have enough profit to afford the things in life that make a difference. There are very little secrets in the world of business, small business or large corporations. The first thing every contractor needs to know is how to establish a profit for their company. You need to understand overhead and how to price a job.

Building your Business with Dehumidification
Contributed by Joe Hvalacek
Ultra-Aire Business Development Manager
There are many ways to build your contracting business, increase sales and grow profit – yes, even in this economy. Some are more profitable than others. Some may be easier to implement than others. Some are more expensive, while others are more cost effective. 

  Clearing the Air About IAQ
Today’s consumers are aware of environmental issues and indoor air quality concerns, but they may not know that their HVAC/R dealer can provide them with solutions. As a technician, you may have a lot of questions when it comes to IAQ. How can you market it to your customers? Is it simple to install? And where can you find the training and products you need to become an IAQ expert?

  Regulatory Compliance – Fact or Fiction?
By L. P. Coston, Ph.D., Certified Safety and Health Professional
To determine if your HVAC business is subject to Regulatory Compliance it is necessary to identify what is Regulatory Compliance. Unlike many governmental topics, Regulatory Compliance is straight forward and "spelled out" in the Code of Federal Regulations.

When The Student Is Ready, the Teacher Appears

By: Julia M. Rahn, Ph.D.
How many times have your readers started a project, only to reach a step they didn’t know how to complete, so the project got shelved? No matter when the project is revisited, the help they need to clear the hurdle is suddenly presented to them.



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